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Ujwal Nagar
Vocal and Tabla Virtuoso



Gifted with a sensational voice and musical brilliance Ujwal although still in his early twenties is a singer par excellence in his generation.

During Ujwal’s early years one day his mother famous Kathak and Hindustani music exponent Urmila Nagar was surprised with total delight with his amazing ability of annotating notes with total perfection of the ragas and songs that he overheard at home. Asking him to follow her singing and his ability to replicate the vocal embellishments, she discovered the hidden talent in Ujwal and then started his formal ongoing training with her. In addition Ujwal also had intensive training under guidance of Late Ustad Bashir Ahmed Khan of Sikar.

Although a purist at heart while performing classical music, Ujwal is certainly an example of the evolving picture of Indian classical musician who has enriched his musical pursuit by exploring various other genres of music without compromising on the tradition. His work with pianist Terry McCaw under the group name ‘Yogini’ made an impressive impact on the music enthusiasts in United States and some of their work could also be heard as the background score for the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Dalai Lama-Renaissance man’ narrated by Harrison Ford. Ujwal’s current ongoing collaborative work with the group ‘Advaita’ has been greatly appreciated by classical music connoisseurs as well as the world music listeners.

Ujwal’s appealing voice texture and breathtaking fast tans, intricate Sargam patterns clearly indicate the depth of his growing musical maturity. Remarkable command over ‘layakari’ and emotional inner connection while rendering raga can be profoundly felt by listener while he performs.

Even though a classical vocalist by profession, he is an astounding Tabla player trained under his brother young virtuoso Tabla player Vishal Nagar .Ujwal’s gifted talent for Tabla and his knack for composing music has even been acknowledged by maestros giving him encouragement to keep working on the path of enhancement of both, along with Vocal which is his main stream of interest.

Ujwal’s ability to communicate his stream of thought in a clear and accessible manner and his warm personality contribute for him being fine educator for International audiences, in addition being and impressive performer hence making him a true young ambassador of Indian classical music.

Winning the numerous National Inter-University music competitions Ujwal has always been a favourite by the critics and musicians. He has also been awarded Sahitya Kala Parishad scholarship by Government of India for his relentless pursuit of Indian classical music. Ujwal also has attained the musical degrees of ‘Sangeet Prabhakar’ and ‘Sangeet Ratnakar’.

He has performed at major cities in India, Thailand & Europe and has always been loved by audiences. Ujwal’s last tour of US tour in 2007 where he performed concerts as Hindustani classical soloist and collaborations with international musicians was very well received.

At this young age Ujwal feels that his musical journey has just begun and wants to serve music with utmost dedication and devotion It is this endeavor and total zeal of working towards finding his own expression through music that is giving him a pathway to discover a style that shall take him to find his own niche in the music world.

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