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Octava Concert!!!
Saturday June 29th 6pm
Maple Park Church
17620 60th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA, 98037

The Octava Chamber Orchestra
bringing great music to the PNW


Kevin Riley



Kevin Riley lives in Andover, United Kingdom and began his musical life as most musicians do by playing the recorder. This led onto the trumpet and then the trombone.At the age of 15 he joined the Army as a trombone player quickly rising through the playing ranks of the Junior Army Service and then onto Kneller Hall in London. Here he studied trombone under Mr. William Teskey (Principal trombone Covent Garden) and Mr. Dennis Bayton (Taverners Big Band).

Mr. Riley also studied theory and composition under Mr. R.G Swift. It was here that he acquired a thirst for the knowledge of other wind and brass instruments and was frequently seen mixing with all sorts of musicians both in and out of bars! In 1973 he joined The Queens Royal Irish Hussars band and was their Solo Trombone player for nine years. It was here that he started to arrange and compose. Whilst in the band Riley had his first piece played on the national German Radio, it was an arrangement of the Theme from The Godfather. At this time he was also lucky enough to further his trombone skills, through lessons from the Principal of the BSO, Mr. Dennis Wise.

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