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Octava Concert!!!
Saturday June 29th 6pm
Maple Park Church
17620 60th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA, 98037

The Octava Chamber Orchestra
bringing great music to the PNW


Jean-Christophe Rosaz



Jean-Christophe Rosaz is a A French and Swiss composer, writer and stage director born July 13, 1961 in Chambery.

A guitarist by training, Jean-Christophe Rosaz studied at the Lyons Conservatory, notably with Gilbert Amy, Raffi Ourgandjian and Robert Pascal, before finishing with a course in film music composition at the Ecole Normale in Paris.

His works have been premiered notably in France, Belgium and Portugal. Also a singer, familiar with various languages and dialects, he has written many works for the voice: chamber opera (Cleopatre, 1993), opera for children's voices (Jean de la Lune, 2009), a musical tale (A l'ombre du baobab, 2013), pieces for a cappella chorus (Running to Paradise, 2006) or with instrumental accompaniment (Sonneto, 2008), sacred music (Passion selon Saint Matthieu, 2010). Open to music in all its diversity, in particular to traditional forms of music, he has also composed pieces for chamber groupings and draws inspiration from nature (Sous le tambour du soleil, 1991; Windway, 2007; Le Bestiaire fantastique, 2009; Into the sky, 2012).

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