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Octava Concert!!!
Sunday April 21st 6pm
Maple Park Church
17620 60th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA, 98037

The Octava Chamber Orchestra
bringing great music to the PNW


Hans Ueckert



Hans Ueckert, living in Hamburg, Germany, studied composition with Konrad Lechner in Darmstadt, musicology with Wilhelm Stauder and Theodor W. Adorno in Frankfurt/Main and Walter Gerstenberg in Tübingen, and psychology with Peter R. Hofstätter in Hamburg.

He holds a professorship at the University of Hamburg (retired). His particular interest is in psychologoy of composing. Therefore he is engaged in repeated studies of composition by 're-composing' lost or fragmentary works, in particular by Mozart (see a small sample of examples). These studies are ranging from chamber music through orchestral works up to operas. Thus the latest accomplishments have been the completion of the three fragmentary operas by Mozart, Zaide (from 1779/80), L'oca del Cairo and Lo sposo deluso (both from 1783), the latter two published as Due opere buffe by Edition Peters, Frankfurt/Main, in 2006.

The next up-coming event will be the completion of a Sinfonia concertante for violin, viola, cello and orchestra which Mozart left unfinished in 1779 (the same year when he composed the Sinfonia concertante for violin, viola and orchestra).

The Andante on a Mozart fragment is a re-composition of a lost concert piece for violin and orchestra which Mozart entered into his own catalogue on April 1, 1785, as "Ein Andante für die Violin zu einem Konzert", together with an incipit of four bars of the piece's beginning – the only music which has survived until now. Nevertheless, this fragmentary piece has got an own number in the Köchel catalogue, K. 470. The present composition is not necessarily exactly the same as Mozart composed it (because we cannot really know) but as near as possible in the style of Mozart's compositions of this time (of which the piano concerto in D minor, K. 466, is the most remarkable one). The performance by Stephen Daniels with the Octava Chamber Orchestra will be the world premiere of this re-composition of a lost Mozart piece.

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