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Octava Concert!!!
Saturday June 29th 6pm
Maple Park Church
17620 60th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA, 98037

The Octava Chamber Orchestra
bringing great music to the PNW


Alan Belkin



A short history of my musical life:

  • Falling in love with music: I started to play the piano when I was seven. My grandfather paid to have an old upright piano moved up from the basement to our appartment. This proved to be a determining event in my life.

  • Apart from studying piano all through my childhood and adolescence, I studied harmony and counterpoint with Prof. Marvin Duchow for several years in private lessons. This kind and extremely generous man was not only a profound musician, but a mentor and a friend when I most needed one.

  • I gave my piano debut concert at age 18.

  • At around the age of twenty-one a friend took me to try out a new (at that time) tracker organ. It was love at first site, and I began studying the organ, first with Dom André Laberge, and later with Bernard Lagacé. Although I play less now, I became good enough on the organ to be a finalist in the Dublin International Organ Competition, and a semifinalist in the Toulouse Bach Competition.

  • I obtained a B.A. from Concordia University and a Master's Degree from McGill University, but my real education in composition took place when I was accepted to the Juilliard School. Not being an American citizen, I could not work in the U.S., so I commuted for three years every week to New York to obtain my doctorate, while working full-time in Montreal. I studied at Juilliard with David Diamond, and for a few months with Elliott Carter.

  • I have taught at all four of Montreal's universities, and since 1982 have been a full-time faculty member at the Université de Montréal, where I am now a full professor. I teach mainly composition, writing skills, and also coach various chamber groups.

  • I am proud to have been awarded a prize as "Best Associate Professor" in my university in 1994.

  • My music has been played in Canada, in the United States, in Europe, in Russia, in Mexico, in Australia, and elsewhere. For a full list of my works and recordings, please see my worklist page.

  • Apart from composing, I occasionally perform as a pianist, usually - but not exclusively - playing my own music.

  • My pedagogical website is now world renowned and receives more than 80,000 visits per year!

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